Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I want to motivate today's youth!

Original post:
Looking for 1 - 2 Event speakers for an up coming local event
past military or past public speaking is a plus, must appear 18-24 years of age
must feel comfortable on stage in front of students, teachers or parents
you will be working on stage interacting with music and videos,
we are a patriotic organization, that is family oriented and is faith based,
appearance and stage presence is the key. College students are welcome
must be able practice one day a week, usually on wed, all shows are held at night
please respond via emailo to cspcom21@xxxxxxxxx.net, request bio and a pic
you may call at xxx-xxx-xxxx please leave a message, ask for Don
this is a paid gig, but it is also a place that you can make a difference.

Me to Don:
Hello Don,
I saw your ad completely by chance, but I would be a great fit for this speaking. I have never had the honor of serving my country, because I was born with my spleen on the outside of my body, which has since been fixed up, so don't you worry. I do have experience in speaking at rallies. I love my country with every fiber of my bean, and I have a lot to pass down to farther generations. Unfortunately, I can't have kids because of some steroid stuff I went through as a younger man, so I want to help the youth of today but don't often get the chance. I would talk about the importance of God, Country, and Patriotism. I would talk about how our country is in their hands, even though it seems crazy now, what with women taking men's jobs instead of old ways. Our children can fix that right up. I'd love to meet with you Don, and talk about this farther. I think we can really make a difference if we try. You'll have to come to my house (well, my mother's house) because I can't "technically" leave just yet (ran into a little trouble with the law here recently, but nothing too bad, so don't worry), but Mother can make us a fine lunch while we get to know one another and talk about what I can say to the youngsters. Shoot me an email back with a date and time that works for you (our phone is shut off) and we'll figure something out.

Jake Dimsmore

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